Icon Editing Tool Kit

  — Craft Your Own Icons, Cursors and More

IconForge is simply the best, most complete suite to create or change icons, cursors, animated cursors and icon libraries for Windows. Optimized for editing small images, you will find a full set of painting tools at your disposal. You can import from and export to a variety of other image, icon and animation types, so you can take advantage of work which you’ve already created or scanned from other sources.

IconForge is also an excellent tool for other graphics, such as producing bookmark/favorites icons for a web site, repeating tiles for wallpaper backgrounds, animated GIF bullets to make listings stand out, or cursors for various projects.

…The Most Complete Icon and Cursor Solution

You also get tools for changing Windows’ default icon, cursor and desktop settings, plus a utility for handling those documents or other files which do not have unique icons. IconForge even makes a fine editor for handling your photos and other non-icon images. XP-style Alpha-channel icons, as well as a variety of other icon and image formats, are supported.



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Last Modified: April 18, 2013