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ZipWrangler: The simple, quick and free way to extract and create your own zip and other archive files. Use ZipWrangler’s Viewer to take a look into these files before you decide whether or not to run or extract the contents. You can also Run program from within the archive without extracting. And you can use ZipWrangler to easily create your own compressed files for making them faster to send over the internet or by e-mail.

Upgrade your ability to extract and view .Zip and .CAB archives with this free utility.

While you are welcome use this version as long as you like, at no cost, there is also an enhanced version available at low cost (under $12). The enhanced version adds ability to directly send compressed files via email, removes the small CursorArts banner at the top of the screen, etc. You can obtain the enhanced version from our on-line resellers. The free version is not so-called “spyware” and we do not collect or transmit any information from your system. See Privacy Policies document for more information about this.


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Last Modified: April 18, 2013